To purchase TeraPlot, first download and install the 30-day evaluation version. You can then purchase a registration by following the Order link below. When your order has been completed (usually a matter of minutes), you'll be sent an e-mail containing a registration key which will convert your already installed evaluation version to the time-unlimited version. When you've received your registration key, start TeraPlot, make the menu selection "Help-Register", and enter the registration key into the field provided. Alternatively, if your evaluation version has expired, a registration entry box will be displayed on starting TeraPlot.

Your purchase of a TeraPlot license entitles you to permanent use of TeraPlot. New releases are posted periodically on the evaluation page. To update to a new version simply download the latest evaluation version and register it using your existing registration key.

TeraPlot prices are listed below. When you have decided you wish to make a purchase, press the "Order" link below and you will be taken to secure order pages, where the number of licenses and various other options can be specified.

TeraPlot Pricing

Option Price Per User ($US)
Single User License $280
2-5 User License $230
6-10 User License $200
> 10 User License $185


TeraPlot Graphing Software
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