Colourmap Editor

The colourmap editor can be used to create custom colourmaps, which can then be applied to any plot type that supports colourmaps, e.g. surface plots, contour plots, isosurface plots.The colourmap is created by defining each of its colour components (either RGB or HSL) as a set of line segments. These line segments can be created by clicking over the editor window using the mouse and/or by entering the points defining them in the colourmap table. In RGB mode the red (green, blue) component is represented by a red (green, blue) line. In HSL mode the hue (saturation, lightness) component is represented by a red (green, blue) line. By default, the complete range of a colourmap is mapped to the complete range of the function it is applied to. This can be customised using reference points, which are a way of specifying that a certain colour should always be "pinned" to a certain value

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