Graph Level Features

TeraPlot provides a wide range of graph settings that can be used to enhance a graph's overall appearance. For example, graph axes can be tailored, a grid and/or walls added to the graph, and background colour set. The list below summarises all features that can be applied at graph (as opposed to plot) level. Features apply to both 2D and 3D graphs unless otherwise stated.

  • Graph Axes. TeraPlot provides a great deal of flexibility in setting graph axis parameters such as axis ranges, tick positions, and tick labelling. The range displayed on an individual graph axis can be calculated automatically by TeraPlot, or overridden to display an arbitrary range. Ticks can be placed automatically across an axis either as a set number of ticks over the range, or as equally spaced ticks relative to a reference point. In addition, user-defined arbitrarily positioned ticks and tick labels can be added. Log axis scaling and date/time axis labelling options are also provided.

  • Grid. In addition to graph axes, a grid can be displayed, usually aligned with the axis tick positions. On 2D graphs, the grid can be set to lie behind or in front of some or all plots. In 3D graphs, the grid is always displayed behind the plots. A polar grid option is also available in 2D graphs.

  • 3D Graph Walls. On 3D graphs, solid walls can be displayed behind the graph. Wall colour can be set, and the walls can optionally have a lighting effect applied, giving a reflective appearance to the walls.

  • Graph Annotation. An arbitrary number of text captions can be added to a graph. A caption can have a border, a coloured or transparent background, and the font and font colour can be set. Captions can also be added at the page level, i.e. not lying within any particular graph.

  • Cursor Position Feedback. On all 2D graphs and on the surface plot in a 3D graph, feedback in graph coordinates can be optionally displayed in the status bar. For example, in a 2D graph, the (x, y) axis coordinates corresponding to the mouse position are displayed. In a surface plot in a 3D graph, the (x, y, z) coordinate of the surface position under the mouse is displayed.

  • 3D Graph Viewing Parameters. For 3D graphs, options exist to set viewing angle (rotation, tilt), zoom, perspective, and horizontal and vertical offset of the overall graph. The option also exists to remove aliasing effects (jagged edges) using antialiasing.

  • 3D Graph Animation. 3D graphs can be animated over a specified tilt/rotation range, and the animation optionally saved to a .avi file.

  • Background colours. The default graph background colour is white, but any colour can be used. On 2D graphs, two different background colours can be used, one for the complete area occupied by the graph on the page, and one for the area spanned by the graph axes only.

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