Demo Videos

The videos below describe the basics of how to get started using TeraPlot to create 2D and 3D graphs. In addition to creating the plots, the videos describe such things as moving and sizing graphs, adding annotation such as captions, colour keys, and legends, and modifying axes. In each case the videos describe the complete process and range in length from 5 to 8 or minutes. We hope to provide more slightly shorter videos in the future, focusing on specific points not covered in the first three. A final point to note is that because of the video compression, and depending on the size of screen you are using, text and lines in the video may not quite have the sharp appearance they would have if you were actually running TeraPlot.


This video demonstrates creating a 3D graph and adding three analytical surface plots. Also shows how to move/size the graph, zoom and scale, and add a legend and caption.

Demonstrates how to create a 2D graph and add two analytical line plots and one tabular line plot. Also describes how to add a graph legend and graph caption, and modify axis parameters.


This video demonstrates adding a tabular surface plot to a 3D graph. Also describes how to import z values from the import dialog, and graph moving/sizing/zooming/scaling. A colour key and caption are created and the axes are also adjusted.

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